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Our innovation is in our licenses which allow you to know exactly what rights you have on the NFT you're purchasing

First your NFT can reresent a
Digital or Physical piece

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Digital NFT
is a combination between a NFT and a digital piece of work

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Physical NFT
represent a physical piece propriety. NFT is linked to
to the physical creation. The creator is commited to
deliver the piece of art once the NFT is sold.

Then your piece can be
exclusively represented by this NFT

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The creator commit himslef not to create anymore NFT with the same
piece. The rights linked to the NFT (for exemple the right to
commercialy exploit it) are also exclusively represented by the NFT

The NFT can also contains
some rights

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The buyer buys all the propriety copyright
of the piece

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Commercial NFT
When you buy the NFT , you get the rights to
commercialy exploits the pieceit identifies

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Adaptable NFT
When you buy the NFT, you get the rights to modify
the piece it identifies

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Royalties NFT
When you buy the NFT, you get the rights to percieve
a share on royalties generated by the piece

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Commission NFT
On each sale, the creator receive a share on selling price

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Fongible token NFT
When you buy the NFT, you also buy rights on the
value of fongible token (ERC721) it represents

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Non transferable NFT
Intelectual propriety rights related to the NFT can't
be sold more than once


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What is Tokenart?

Tokenart is an Opensource and decentralized project resulting from university research allowing creators to issue secure and legal NFTs. It allows all users to participate in a decentralized way in the skimming of NFT market.It also provides a standard allowing NFT creators to inform their communities of the rights they wish to assign to their creations. Tokenart is inspired by the work on Creative Commons initiated by Lawrence Lessig to better manage the transfer of rights on the internet through NFTs.

What objective are we pursuing?

We want to create a collaborative and global common allowing any creator to facilitate the transmission of his rights on the WEB3 thanks to NFTs. We want to allow creators to enter the world of NFTs and benefit from the advantages offered by the blockchain in a healthy and secure way. We want to put the power of surveillance and justice back into the hands of the community, which feels concerned by respecting the Intellectual property right of our creators.

Is there an exchange platform on Tokenart?

The project initially focuses on the creation of the NFT and the possibility for creators to create legal, conform NFT and to be able to sell it on any platform ERC721 / ERC1155 compatible.

How does it work for creators?

Tokenart currently only welcomes a small number of creators and participants handpicked by the community itself. You can use this form to create an NFT and submit your profile.

How do we allow creators to secure and monetize their creations?

The simple fact of tokenizing a creation through our standard offers the creator a legal proof of paternity of his work opposable in front of a court of justice. Our standard then allows the creator to choose which Intellectual property right he chooses to offer through his NFT.